Sandblasting Facility

      Sandblasting; It is a method applied to remove oil, dirt, rust and corrosion on the metal due to rust and corrosion over time and to extend the life of the metal by painting. Sandblasting is done with specially manufactured grit, various abrasive materials. Sandblasting reveals the essence of the metal, as well as eliminating visible or micronized rust and corrosion on the metal surface.

      How to sandblast: It is the process of hitting the sandblasting sand onto the metal surface with high pressure air. During this impact, the sand abrades the metal surface at the micron level, while at the same time cleans all kinds of unwanted substances such as oil, dirt, rust on the surface and prepares the surface for paint application.

     With the automatic sandblasting facility we added to our machine park in 2019, we have increased the painting and coating quality of our products to the highest levels and made them highly resistant to corrosion.